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The Trial
                    the killer
Dale Cramm
Anthony Bovan
Det Pince; bullet pulled out of Jason's head
the murder weapon
Cramm after sentencing
our precious babies
Now it is February 12,  2001 the jury selection is over. They have found the 12 jurors who are going to decide whether this kid is innocent or guilty.

Ed Stemler, one of our prosecuting attorneys, started with opening statements. I thought it was a very powerful statement.  He went through every step of that evening.  Explaining that Jason and Jesse were with some friends, Chris Gulsvig, Adrian Dickerson and of course  Jason's love Tyffannie.  All the kids had gone to school that day and had worked after school.  They were out on a nice spring night hanging out and doing what normal 18 year olds do.  They were heading to this place called Tracks where you go and ride go-carts and play video games and so on.  Well Adrian got a phone call saying hey do you guys want to watch a fight at Mukilteo beach, which just happend to be right down the street from Tracks.  So they all agreed to go watch the fight.  They arrived at the beach and no one was there, so they just hung out for a while til the friend that called showed up and called his friend, Martel,  who was in the fight and they said the place for the fight had been changed to be at Dennis' house, the other one fighting.  None of the kids in the car Jason was in knew were that was.  So they followed the other car losing them on the way.  At this point they were heading back to Tracks til the car they were following found them and then they all went to the house where the fight was going to be.  There were about 25 people there when Jason and his friends pulled up.

Jason gets out of the car and he sees some people he knows, so he goes up to them to find out what's going on and why the two are fighting and before a minute goes by the fight is all ready started.  The two kids fighting were Dennis Cramm and a kid name Martel Baten. The fight paused for a minute and then the kids started fighting again.  It appeared that Dennis was loosing the fight with Martel.  At this point his dad, Dale Cramm jumped in and started hitting Martel.  Then Adrian Dickerson jumped in and pulled Dale, off  Martel.  Then fight goes on for a few minutes and Dennis' father Dale,  who pretty much set the fight up, says anyone jumps in, I'm going to start blasting.  Meanwhile, there was 2 adults there that had hand guns stuck in their pants.  One of the people who had a gun was John Jaurequi.  The other was Anthony Bovan.  Though during the trial Anthony claimed he did not have a gun, but just a hammer handle in his pants. At this point the fight was just about over, when  another kid, Jesse Sorenson, took the gun from Jaurequi and started shooting up into the air.  When these first shots were fired everyone started to get the heck out of there.  Well come to find out that the father had placed a bunch of guns and weapons around the property.  This is when all hell broke loose.  Jaurequi and Dennis Cramm were shooting towards Bovan and Sorenson.  Witnesses say that Dennis pointed his gun towards Martel, whom he was fighting, then Bovan, who was across the street, but then pointed his gun at the back window of the car Jason and Jesse were in and opened fired.  Chris who was driving was trying to get out of the areas as fast as he could.  Once they were away from the house he looked in the back seat and saw that Jesse and Jason had been hit.  He immediately went to the first place he could think of to call for help, but it was too late.

The trial went on for two weeks. We were really glad when it was over. The day the verdict came in was so emotional, but it was the verdict we were hoping for.  I remember that being a very happy day.  I can't remember being so happy since the death of my son, Jason.

Now we are just waiting for a sentence date.  The day comes and we have our day in court. In the next few pages you will see what a few of my family members said to the judge.

Dennis was sentenced 60 years behind bars.  We could not be happier that this kid will not see the light of day ever again .
John Jaurequi
Tyff and Sonny talking to juror.
Chris Gulsvig