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Aunt Nancy's page
   The last time I saw Jason was at Thanksgiving time 1998.  Jason had almost doubled in size since my last visit in 1995 for Norman and Becky's wedding.   We spent alot more time together on that trip than the last. 
     When Jason was younger and still living in California, I got to spend alot more time with him.  I used to take him to the park and push him on the swings.  We would feed the ducks in the pond.  I remember Jason throwing bread crumbs to the ducks and then running away with his arms flying in the air screaming in delight.  Jason used to love to come to my apartment and go swimming in the pool.  I would take him to the lake with his cousins and to Malibu Beach.  No matter how much sunscreen I would put on Jason, he would still end up sun burned.  Jason was always such a good boy for me, very mellow and easy to please.  When he was really little he would love for me to sit and color with him.  I remember when Jason was about 5 or 6, I was competing in a Triathlon in Malibu.  Jason, Sonny, Linda, Amanda and Adam all came to cheer me on.  When I came through the finish line, Jason was wearing my helmet, gloves and sunglasses.  He was so cute.  He said to me, "Aunt Nancy, when I grow up I am going to compete in Triathlons like you."  We all know what sports Jason excelled in.
    When Sonny and Jason moved to Washington we all missed them very much.  After a little time, Sonny met Mary who had a daughter Kristi.  It was obvious to all of us, that they were destined to be together.  My first trip to visit my brother and his family was Thanksgiving of 1993.  They were in the process of buying their first home together.  Jason was so excited about showing me around the neighborhood.  We hiked around the trails that extended from the backyard.  We walked around the neighborhood and had pretty good laughs.  I was so happy for Sonny, Mary, Jason and Kristi.  All together they made a beautiful family.  I had the opportunity to come up again for Sonny and Marys wedding in 1994.  It was a wonderful time.  I always had such good times on my visits following that time again in 1995 and 1998.
     My last time in Washington was to be there for Jason's funeral.  It was the hardest and the most saddest time of my life.  We all came to be there to support, Sonny, Mary, Kristi and John.  It was unbelievable and hard to fathom that this had happened to Jason and his best friend Jesse.  I never had the opportunity to meet Jesse, but I know he must have been pretty cool to be Jason's best friend.  The loss of you Jason has been the hardest thing our family has ever had to endure.  You will never ever be forgotten.  We all love and miss you so much.  I know you are in heaven with Grandma and Grandpa and your best friend Jesse.  Kyle and I say a prayer for you every night.  We know you are our angel up in heaven always watching over us.  One day my sweet nephew we will be together again.  You are always in my heart.  I love and miss you so much. 
         All my love,  Aunt Nancy