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Kristi's impact statement
I come before you today to express to the court why Dennis Cramm should spend the maximum amount of time as possible in prison.

My name is Kristi and I am Jason's sister and a friend of Jesse.  These two boys were two of the most likeable and loving people I ever had the privilege of knowing.  When Dennis murdered these boys he took two of the greatest souls.

My brother Jason was an enormous guy with a heart to match.  Back in early June of 1999 was a day I will never forget.  At the Mercer Arena in Seattle I walked with about 300 people down a long procession.  As I walked up to the stage and held out my hand, my heart could not have filled with more joy or happiness.  I had accomplished the biggest thing in my life to date; I received my high school diploma.  Holding that single piece of paper I realized that my life would forever be different.  I was an adult and now could start living my live as an adult.  After the ceremony my family was giving me hugs left and right, then I saw Jason.  I remember him engulfing me with his arms.  He told me that he was so proud and happy for me.  I will never forget that one moment. 

Then on June 8, 2000 I had to do it all over again.  However, I was not filled with joy and happiness I was filled with heartache.  Leading up to Jason's graduation I constantly asked myself why.  Why couldn't my brother be here to walk down that stage and feel the same joy and fulfillment I felt one year earlier?  On the day of Jason's graduation I walked into the gym with a heavy heart.  I felt so cheated that I had to accept Jason's diploma and could not watch my little brother receive it himself.  As I watched each one of Jason's classmates walk down the line I saw the excitement and fulfillment in each one of those faces.  They all had realized, as I did a year earlier the great accomplishment each one of them had done.  Then Jason's name was called.  I took a deep breath and walked up to the stage.  Talking Jason's diploma was the hardest thing I had ever had to do.  Having that diploma in my hand I remembered the day I received my diploma.  I could not tell my brother how proud of him I was and I could not see that look of complete joy in his face that I felt when I graduated.

Dennis Cramm took that chance away from me.  Dennis took away a person that I have shared a life with for ten years.  I will miss my brother every day until the day I can see him again.

Dennis, for the longest time I have wondered what kind of person could commit such an act of violence.  After watching you during the trial, I now know what kind of person you are.  Moreover, after today I will never give you a second thought.  You killed my brother and his best friend and you will have to live with the guilt for the rest of your life.

I want to thank the court for giving me the opportunity today to express my feeling and thoughts.  I hope that you will do the right and just thing by sending Dennis to prison for as long as possible.