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Connie Gibbons

Excellent job! What a beautiful tribute to your son. We think of you all often and keep you in our prayers. Hope all is well. God Bless!

Gloria Wells

Just looked at the quilt today. It's lovely. Never a day or hour that Jason is not forefront in my thoughts. I miss him so. So many warm memories to carry me through. August 25th the last time I held him in my arms is right around the corner. I'm so glad we made the trip to see him that last summer. I loved him with all my heart Ronnie did too. Thank goodness we have this sight to go to and remember. God Bless you all.Auntie Gloria


Just wanted to stop by and offer my deepest sorrow for the loss of your child. Death, by any means, is hard to realize, but when children are taken through violence it is a most difficult journey in life, for those remaining. My prayers and thoughts are with you. All the best Francine

Judi Walker

I just spent an hour visiting Jason's site. I did not know him, but feel as if I do now, he sounds like my son Shane, a big gentle guy who was a friend to everyone. I am also living your nightmare, Shane was murdered Oct. 27, 1997, a lot like Jason and Jesse, an innocent bystander. Why these things happen is something I will never understand....I am so glad there was justice for Jason, even though it will not bring him back or take away your pain, I pray it will bring you some peace of mind. My son did not get justice on this earth, I have had to learn to live with that, but I know someday his killer will answer for Shane's death. I got to Jason's site through Donna, I am so glad she shared it with me. Jason was a wonderful person and he lives on in the lives of all of you and those of us who meet him through this site. You are in my thoughts and prayers, someday we will be with our boys again.......til then, we hold them in our hearts.

Angel Of Light

Hi!I found my way here through Jesse's website. I'm so sorry that you lost him and losing him in such a senseless way is just unthinkable. What a beautiful tribute to your wonderful son. I just can't imagine going through what you've been through. I know it isn't our place to question why but it's awfully hard. God Bless you all. Love and Angel HuggsAngel of Light~Sue~

Lorene Davis

This a beautiful Tribute to your Son Jason. So heart Breaking God give you comfort. I lost a 2yr.old Son. An accident at our home. His Daddy accidentally ran over him. That was in 1964.

Linda Heyes

Hey Jason,It's been awhile since I've written to you here, it's late here and for once the house is quiet! Just started thinking about all the time's we shared and how much I miss you not being here with us now then I decided to go on to your web sight and saw the beautiful Father's Day card to your Dad, I can just imagine how he felt when he read it and hope the words gave him some peace. I love you Jason, you are in my thoughts each and every day, I look up at the sky and talk to you all the time hoping you can feel my love. I miss you.......Love you,Aunt Linda

Chad Veitch

Hey Sonny and MaryHope everything is going well. The web page is looking great, see you soon.Chad

Heather Rodgers

sorry we missed you on the 30th hope you guys had a great vacation! happy fathers day sonny! you guys take care! :)

Joshua Haggerty

Hello Sonny and MarryFinally signed in but,not at all the first time visiting his site.You guys have done a very good job on it and you have no idea on how much it has comforted me in the harder times.It's great to be able to pull up there site look at all the pics and remember all the fun times.Thank you and God Bless Josh Haggerty


Sonny:The page that Donna made for you for Father's Day is so beautiful.It does show all of the love that you and Jason had as Father and Son.What sweet pictures and so many good memories to share with all of us.God Bless Love Carolyn

Liz Haufle

I think of you often. We have never met, but I know Jesse's parents and was shocked and saddened at what happened that night. (My birthday, so I will never forget.)These pages are beautiful.

Doris (Angel Andrew's Mom)

Im sorry to hear about the loss of your son... My thoughts and prayers are with you today as always...

Ken & Donna Stoner

Sonny and Mary,We know that you are on the east coast right now and just wanted you to know, that we are thinking of you and Jason. How could we not! After we go to Cost Cutter's tonight, we will visit Jason for you. It's been 2 years now since our boys were murdered, and I know that the full impact of today won't hit us until 7:40 tonight.Love you both and God bless you.


I just wanted to come and tell you that I am thinking of you today.I have had you and the other children and your entire family in my prayers each day.This is hard to say, and it is for me too,as our time is coming in a couple of weeks.But Jason is with Jesus and that is the important part.He is also with Jesse.My heart really does go out to you today and every day too. Your in my daily prayers and thoughts. Love and Prayers too ~~Carolyn~~

Adrian Netto

I am sorry to hear about the tragic death. I visited Jesse's page too and felt sad that this murder had to happen.To all readers, I plead on behalf of all on earth to stop violence. To those who want to commit murder, please look back and think if it were to happen to your loved one and to those who are and suffering the consequences of this crime, please remember that crime doesn't pay.May the soul of Jason and Jesse Rest in Peace. AmenAdrian NettoMalaysia


jason it has almost been 2 years since you and jesse were taken from us..your dad and mom will be here in new hampshire with us on the 30th...i know i tell you every day in my own little way i miss and love you...i know in your own little way you can hear me...take care of jesse cause i know he does the same for you....say hi to everyone for me up there and send them my love....still its so hard to believe your not here with us but your in my heart and that means to me your with me every day....i love you and miss you more then words can describe...R.I.P. i love you my baby cuz...love manda :)


I am so sorry for the loss of Jason. He is such a handsome young man. Please know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!

Raabette Elliott

I met you both at a Family and Friends meeting about 2 months ago and you had mentioned this amazing website, I have visited Jesse's also. All I can say is that this is a wonderful opportunity to share your sons life, a place to come to remember, to smile, laugh and to cry. This is a beautiful memorial site that lets everyone know and remember what wonderful, full lives these boys were living. I think it helps heal the terrible pain that is caused when someone takes the life of a loved one. My cousin Shane Draganov lost his life by someone else last July 21, 2001, and I think this would be a great thing for my family and his friends to do to help with the pain, the healing and to share all the wonderful accomplishments he was achieving. God bless you and your family, Jason -&- Jesse's friends that they will have the comfort of our Lord with them and his love to help all heal. Thank You for your strength to share with us.

Adrienne Thurston

Sonny and Mary.I was pretty goon friends with Jesse and I had seen Jason around, but never had the pleasure of formally meeting him. I am friends with some of his fiends though and have heard through stories just how wonderful he was. I still talk to Donna and Ken though and see first hand what they go through and know you are going through the same. I am so sorry for your loss. You have done a beutiful job with your tribute to Jason. You are amazingly strong individuals to make it through this. I am also a mother and cannot imagine the pain of loosing my child. Keep your heads up and may Jason rest in peace.

Kyle Thompson

hi every one it is me kyle happy 20th b/day jason love:KYLE!!!!

Lindsey Johnson

I just wanted to let you know that your guy's web site is really emotional. I came across it by accident, but I am glad I did. I am sitting here in my office, crying for you loss. I can't imagine going through what you and many other had to. I dropped out of high school my sophomore year, partly because of all the shootings. Now, I am the same age as Jason and Jesse were when they were killed. If I was killed right now, I wouldn't have completed my life. I am sure that they would want to tell you that they love you all one last time. I am sure they are telling you that everyday from up above. Your pages really made me sit back and look at how I my life is and how lucky I am to still have it, along with my brothers and sister. I am really sorry about everything. I just wanted to tell you that you guys did an awesome job and I know that they are looking down on you guys! I didn't want to write to make you feel bad or anything, but just to say that what you guys did is really cool.

Donny Thompson

Happy 20th Birthday Jason, R.I.P. Nephew.


Happy Birthday JasonToday you would have tuned 20 years old. What would have you been doing with your life, We can only wonder, However I know you would be very happy. We all would be very happy if you were still in our lives. We are all very sad today along with everyday but today just a little harder then normal. Jason I miss you so much . My heart is still broken in so many pieces. Im so sad all the time. I remember you 20 years ago today. what joy I felt the day you came into this world. And how proud I was to have a little boy. A Dads dream come true. The day your mom left we only had each other, I'm so happy that we had the time together. You grew up into such a handsome young man. I'm so very proud of all your accomplishments you made in your short life. You are so missed!!!I love you JasonHappy BirthdayLove Dad

Katy McKim

Hi Thompson family,My name is Katy and I am Nancy's sister-in-law. (Kit Kaffer's sister). Nancy has kept me up to date about your family and I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am that you lost your son/brother. I lost a friend when I was 18 --- he was 16 and died in a car accident. The pain and memories are still with me. I am 34 now. Just know that many people are thinking of you and Jason, as you can see through this site. Poeple never forget those they have lost.It has been fun getting to know all of Nancy's family and friends. Although we will not get to meet Jason, we look forward to meeting you soon, hopefully at Nancy and Kit's in April.I keep you all in my prayers and hope that time, at least, is helping some of the pain go away.My birthday was March 15th so I was sad to see that Jason's birthday was in March. March is a great month to have a birthday. I will keep praying for your family and hope that you are doing better.Much love, Katy McKim

Nancy Kaffer

Dear Sonny and Mary,I'm so glad that you were able to create such a wonderful web site for Jason. You really did an incredible job. What an amazing tributeto your beautiful son and our nephew. It's hard to look through it without crying. It's very sad and still so hard to believe that Jasonis gone. Each time I look at this web site, I find it easier to keep my emotions in check. What a great way for your family and friendsto remember Jason. I'm here for you always Sonny. I love you with all my heart. Your loving sister, Nancy

Jason Thompson

Hey Guys,My name is Jason Thompson also. I am sorry to hear about your Jason Thompson, and i am glad to hear that it seems that you have closure on this horrific incident, but thought that you should know that this Jason Thompson is doing fine and still getting tattooed as much as he and his bank account can afford. Talk to you later,sincerely, Jason Thompson

Kathleen Tavares

Dear Mary and Sonny,This is the most beautiful tribute I've ever seen. I sat here at my desk with my box of Kleenex trying to imagine the pain and suffering your family has been through. As a mother myself I just can't imagine going through what you have.God bless your family, your strength, your faith and most of all Jason.


Hi Mary and Sonny, I have been in your web site memorial for Jason, you have made a beautiful memorial and tribute site for him, and as a mother my self, I know you must have and still do suffer a terrible heartache, I want you both to know you are in my prayers for our Lord, to send you his sweet peace,and his arms to hold you and friends to support and help, but most of all our Lord to comfort you until that day when you and Jason reunite in heaven and your family circle will be complete again, may God bless and keep you in his peace and love.

Kyle Thompson

to my uncle Sonny -&- auntie Mary.thank you for this website I go on this website alot and it makes me think about my very BIG cousin jason Thompson.sincirley, your nephew kyle

Joey & Peter White

this is a beautiful webpage,and through it you will continue to recieve love and thoughts from all of us..... your loss is our loss, but I do believe Jason is watching all of this, and holding you in his arms as you are holding him in yours..... may peace find you,and your sorrow replaced at times with a smell,a song, a memory,a laugh,all that Jason is.

Karen Rouleau Miller

Dear Sonny and Mary,You are in our thoughts and prayers. Continue watching for signs as now it's Jason watching down over his beloved family.Love,Karen and Jim

John & Connie Gibb

Beautiful webpage! You've done a wonderful job in the face of tremendous adversity. May the angels always watch over you and your loved ones, especially Jason and Jesse. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you! Keep smiling, and remember, to always keep the faith!......friends, Connie, John, Rachel, and Joel.. :)

Marci Schwartz

Dear Sonny,I just want to thank you for the opportunity of sharing a portion of Jason's life with me. This website is so beautiful. My prayers are with you and your family. I know personally that Jason will be truly missed, as he was so truly loved.

Jack & Grace Kimpe

Thanks, Sonny, for all you’ve done to put together this tribute to Jason. What work went into it! We get a good picture of Jason, and of your love for him as a family. We know you continue to live with the terrible pain caused by his death, but we pray that you will experience the peace that God gives. By trusting Him there is hope as we face the future. And when we know His forgiveness, we ourselves can forgive.We love you,Jack and Grace Curl Matthew 11:28-30.

Gloria Wells

What an incredible labor of love. This had to be very comforting for you both to be able to spend time with so many wonderful memories. Thank you for giving all of us this site so we can have a place to go to remember. What a treat to see pictures never seen before, or not seen in years. What a wonderful tribute to our family. Through thick or thin we have always held together.We will never recover from the tragedy of losing our precious Jason. What an incredible light was snuffed out that terrible night, but we will never forget, we will always mention his name and keep him warm in our hearts forever.The site is beautiful you did a great job.Love,Gloria


this is a beautiful site.too see pictures of us when we were kids brought so many memories back.memories i will always treasure.we were all together.i know one day when it is our time jesse, jason, grandma,and grandpa, will all be standing at those gates with open arms waiting to catch up on all the things we have been doing. until then they will give us the strength we need to go on each day. i love you guys and will see you soon. R.I.P. Jason -&- Jesse we love and miss you!!love amanda

Brad Pince

Sonny -&- MaryHope this finds you well. This is a great tribute to Jason and you should be very proud of it. Both you and the Stoners are amazing people. Tell John and Kristi hi for me and stop in some day, We'll get a cup of cofee!

Jean Ilderton

Dear Sonny, Mary,

Kristi -&- John,I am a friend of Donna Stoner's. I met her after finding her website for Jesse. The story of what a senseless, tragic loss this was for both the Stoners and for all of you just touched my heart in a way that I could not ignore. When she told me today that Jason's Dad had the website up, I just had to come. I can only tell you that I knew how much Jason was loved just from Donna's site, but being able to come here today and share your story and the memories of Jason's large family including cousins, aunts -&- uncles was so heartwarming. Sonny, you have done a wonderful job. I'm just so terribly sorry that you had to create such a site because it should have never happened. I can only tell you that the love for Jason and Jesse shows through every word on their respective websites. I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you so much for creating this and sharing your handsome son.

Carolyn & Leon

We would like to tell you that you have done a wonderful job on your page for the memories of your handsome son Jason.We are so sorry about the loss.This is such a good way though to keep his memories close to your hearts.I do hope that you will make some more pages to go on and to share with all of us too. God Bless you and all of the family. Love Carolyn and Leon

Ken & Donna Stoner

Sonny -&- Mary,You have done a beautiful job of building these pages in honor of Jason. It was a lot of hard and emotional work for you, but the results are fantastic. I know that when I made Jesse's, it helped me keep connected to him. You will see, that it is just like a garden. Always something new to plant in it.We are coming up on the second anniversary of our sons' heavenly birthdates. It will be a little easier this time, but the pain will always be there. God, how we miss both of them. We know that you will be away this May 30th, but rest assured, that Ken and I will visit Jason for you. God bless you both.Ken and Donna StonerPS...you're a very good student!!! Now for the next assignment!


uncle sonny -&- aunt marythis is a wonderful thing you both have done here for jason i cant wait to see it with everyones stories and memories of my baby cousin.i know him and jesse are looking down on us daily. i bet jason is so proud of you both for what you guys have done to carry on his memories. i miss him so much.its times like this reading about jesse and jason when i wish all of our family was still close together despite issues we all may have. i know its taken alot out of you both to go through this. just remember jason is with us in his own way and we will all be together again someday. i love you both. love manda

Donny Thompson

To Sonny -&- Mary

It's been almost 2 years now and the thought of Jason being gone is just not real. it seems like it was just yesterday i was in washington with everybody greiving the loss of jason. it's just so sureal, i guess we all have strong emotional feelings because i cry everytime i log on to these websites. i to wish that this brings closer to this terrible crime.i wish you sonny, mary -&- christy happyness, and i to pray for you and all of our family members, because if thay feel like i do when i think about jason, it makes me very sad.love to all. donny

Linda Heyes

Dear Sonny and Mary,You sure have done a beautiful job so far! I cried through it all. God, I miss him so much, this is all just so painful, I hope building this websight for Jason helps you work through some of the pain your going through, I continue to pray for you both, that God gives you the strength to hold on each day. I love you guysLove,Linda