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Jason's final resting place
Rest in peace our precious baby!! We will never forget you, ever!!!   Until we  meet again.
            "Rest  peacefully"
Love Mom, Dad, Kristi and John
    Jason Roussel Thompson

           March 23, 1982
              May 30, 2000

Jason was 18 years old and eagerly looking forward to his graduation on June 8th.
This was the brightest time of his life and he had worked very hard to bring everything together.  He had a great job lined up, a young woman he dearly loved, and was eager to move into his own apartment to begin his adult life.
At 6'4", not only was Jason a large person, but he lived life large.  He will be remembered for many things, including his love of football.  His friends knew him as the life of the party, someone who could bring a smile to others when they were down.
Although his last act was one of true heroism, his death is senseless and tragic.
Jason was loved and cherished by his family.  He will be forever missed.
He is preceded in death by his grandmother, Janet Louise Thompson. 
He leaves behind his parents, Sonny Roussel and Mary Sue Thompson; sister, Kristi Kay Liston; brother, John Michael Strange; his sweetheart, Tyffanie Trunnell; and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins from Washington, California, New Hampshire, Louisiana and Illinois.  Private family services will be held. Arrangements Beck's Funeral home, Edmonds,Wa