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When I think about my nephew Jason so many memories fill my heart, remembering the first time I saw him after he was born and how proud his Dad was.  His first birthday party and how cute he looked with those big blue eyes of his, yes those big blue eyes, those I will never forget.  I think of all those times shared with his cousins Amanda, Adam and Ronnie and how cute they all were together, playing and growing up together, and back then to an emptiness they all feel without him around to share life with.  I still think I'm going to wake up from this nightmare and everything will be as it should be all of us together, but the reality once again takes over.  Jason, our lives will be forever changed without you in it, but our life would not be what it is had you never been there and for that I am blessed.  I miss you more than any words can express, you are in my thoughts each and every day, I look back on times we shared, I feel empty for the times we'll miss together, however I get comfort knowing and believing that one day we will be together again, in a much better place than here and that is what helps get through the hard time.  Always know I love you, I talk to you a lot and I hope that you can hear me and feel my love.  I miss you Jason.  I love you so.

All my love always,
Aunt Linda
Dear Sonny and Mary,
Our favorite memory of Jason is the special relationship that he had with Tyler.  Those two were like brothers for the first 6 years of Tyler's life.  Jason was three when Tyler was born. 
I remember Jason being so excited the first time he saw Tyler in his crib.  They spent almost every day together.  Tyler has autism and some kids may have teased or just ignored him.  Not Jason.  He was always very protective of Tyler and they loved to play together.  Jason was the best big brother a boy could ever have.  He is loved and is missed every day.
Love always,
Glen and Jennifer
I remember when Jason would visit Grandma.  I was also living there. In the summer time we would go swimming all day.  He would get so red, because he was so fair skinned, his cheeks especially.  I used to throw Jason in the air while being in the pool and seeing him fly in the air to the other side of pool.  "Well, almost to the other side."
I use to baby-sit Jason when he was just an infant.  We spent so much time together watching cartoons, Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street too.   We used to take walks together and everything.  He was like my little boy.  When Jason and his Father moved from California to Washington, it was very hard for me.  They may not have known that, but it was.  I missed them very much.  I finally got the chance to go and see them in Washington.  It was in August before his senior year.  It was a trip.  He was much taller than me.  I had seen pictures, but Wow!  I was sure surprised.  On that visit I had my camera with me of course and shot quite a few rolls of film.  Jason's dad, my brother, said would you please stop taking pictures.  I told him one day your going to thank me me for these pictures.  I also got to meet Jesse Stoner and the two of them had me laughing so hard in just the first 15 mintues.  I was so glad that I was able to go and visit Jason and the rest of the family.  I really miss my nephew Jason.  I have felt his spirit around me and that's a lot of comfort to me.  Then there are times when I feel him and just cry. 
I miss you Jason,
Love your Aunt Pat.... xoxo
Remembering My Jason,
March 23, 1982.  What an incredible day.  First I found out I was pregnant with Ronnie.  After years of trying I was elated, then the phone call that our precious Jason had been born.  You were the smallest of all our babies and the only c-section.  I went to a Rod Stewart concert that night and didn't get to see you till the next day.  There you were in your nursery crib.  A little peanut face wrapped up tightly, with a patch of blonde hair.  I fell in love instantly.  Boy did you ever grow like a weed.  In June at Amanda and my birthdays you were the star attraction.  Chubby cheeks in your Dodger uniform pointed party hat on your head.  You were already over 40 pounds.  I think that's the day Grandma dubbed you our baby Huey and that stuck with you, your entire life. 
When Ronnie was born the two of you became more than cousins.  You were as close as brothers.  A lot of love and many hits over the head with a Nintendo controller.  Countless booboo's to be kissed and bandaged.  We all spent an awful lot of weekends together.  Some of the best times were when we went to the boonies and went riding on quad runners.  You took your first horseback ride.  The two of you got to go in a little boat by yourselves and squealed with delight.  The first visit to Disneyland where you were so frightened of the characters you screamed whenever one came near.  You loved the dumbo ride though and still managed to have a good time despite the scary creatures. 
Ronnie and you spent the summer at the same day care camp and had a blast.  Driving home one day you taught me the words to Paradise City.  I think of that whenever I hear that song and many other times too,  my little rock and rollers.
I could go on and on about the fun times we had because they were endless.  We were all together so much that's why I called you my second son.  We missed you so much when you moved to Washington, but we visited you and you were here with us several times.  I'll never forget the way you flew down the stairs of my house when we had an aftershock from the earthquake.  The rest of the night was spent in Auntie Glo's room.  When we were in Washington for your parents wedding Cindy told me you talked about me and Ronnie all the time.  I was so touched to know we meant as much to you as you did to us.
Nine months before we lost you we had such a fun visit with you.  To see the man you had become made me proud.  No matter how big you were.  You were still my baby boy.  I know you loved us as much as we loved you.
Then came the terrible day you were stolen from us.  This has been the worst thing that has ever happened to us.  It hurts more than words could ever say.  I miss my boy terribly.  To see the pain Sonny, Mary and the rest of our family it tears my heart out.  The anger is so great it is sometimes all consuming.  The hardest thing I've ever done was walk away from the cemetery the day we buried you. To leave you out in the cold rain and earth went against every nurturing bone in my body.  I wanted to hold you and make you warm again.  See your blue eyes shining at me, listen to you mumble and shuffle along.  God, it's still unfathomable that you are gone.  My precious boy I miss you so.  I always wanted to believe that there was an afterlife, but I had my doubts.  After spending an hour with John Edward I know now without question that there is another dimension for our spirits and we will all be joined together again. 
I know Jason visits me sometimes.  I've felt him several times.  One time I even heard him say it's OK Auntie Gloria.  Thank you Jason for letting me know you love me for I love you more than words will ever say. 
Till I see you in Heaven,
All My Love
Auntie Gloria
There are so many memories about Jason.   It was over 8 years since I had seen him.  The last time that I saw Jason was in the summer of 1992.  Coty, Kyle and me were staying at my mom's house.  Sonny, Mary, Jason and Kristi had all come down on vacation and stayed at mom's too.  We all went to Magic Mountain one day and went crazy going on rides all day.  We all had so much fun.  Just before Sonny decided to move to Washington, Coty, Kyle and I  had just moved into our new place.  Sonny had hooked us up with a nice apartment in the same building where Jason and him were living.  I remember Jason would come up stairs and visit Kyle, his new cousin.  Jason was always such a shy kid, but always respectful and kind.  I would like to think we had a good relationship.  I remember playing ball with Jason and Adam at the school down the street from Grandma's house.  It was always such a challenge to watch these kids play together, it reminded me of when I was growing up. I have been blessed to have brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews.  What a difference a family makes.  Through out the years while I was in California Sonny and Jason made a good life in Washington.  I always would call to talk with Jason and Sonny.  I always wanted to know Jason's progress playing football and whatever else was going on.  I was so proud of Jason when my brother would hype his ability to play the game.  I know this was his first love.  See we are loving people and no matter what has happended in the past I do believe we will always come together.  As a family this was a crushing blow.  I talked to Jason for about 1 hour on the phone about a month before he was murdered.  We had a conversation that was different from any other conversation we ever had before. This is God's way for chance, I will always remember Jason for being Jason.  He was one of a kind.  I love you Jason and I will never forget you.  You're in my heart and soul forever.
Love always,
Uncle Donny.

                                      Story told at High School Memorial for Jason and Jesse.
My name is Karen Lewis-Gosselin, for the last two years I have had the honor to be Jason's focus teacher at Aces High School and focus is a real special time in our day when about 18 - 20 kids and a teacher work together, my focus is Art and Jason's was Athletics.

Jason gave me so much pleasure in the Art class because although he was not a great artist he was a great person.  My memories of Jason will forever revolve around cats.  Now Jason did not like cats he liked dogs.  Who can figure?

One memory involves the way that the Aces kids go over to Challenger Elementary and read with the small children.  This incident was Dr. Seuss's birthday and some of my focus kids had left me in the lurch, they weren't there to read and I asked Jason, actually I pulled his arm I said Jason I need you to go and read to these little kids with me and he agreed to do it.  We were assigned to the kindergarten class, now you know how big chairs are in kindergarten.  Please picture Jason in one of those chairs with his knees up to his chin reading the Cat in the Hat to these little kids who are in awe of this man.  That's the first one.  The kids said thank you very much and he said it was my favorite book too.

The next memory is a test that I gave.  They were to draw animals with emotion, showing emotions.  Jason drew stick figures, you know how little kids draw cats with all four legs on one side and the tail unidentifable as a tail possibly a fifth leg.  He drew eight of these cats.  There was a sad cat, a mad cat, and an angry cat they were horrible.  But Jason was so proud of his artwork and he hever gave up.  He shared with some of the kids his sketchbook.  They would go WOW! or OHhh! and they never really commented.  But he was proud of what he did.

The last one, at Octoberfest we had the kids come over and my focus painted faces.  Chris will remember this one and Jason has this little kid sitting across from him and he is painting and Jason never remembered that you have to let the paint dry before you mixed another color in and this kid ended up with something that looked like a hugh bruise, but it was supposed to be a tiger and it was orange and black and Jason so proud of this artistic ability hands the kid the mirror and the little fellow goes what is it?  Right.... and Jason never a loss for words says it's a tattoo, dude.  And this little kid walks away so proud and goes over to his buddies and his teacher and says the big guy says it's a tattoo.

My last cat memory is, the Aces are the Flying Tigers and he played some basketball for us and did lots of things and on the 8th he would have graduated as a Flying Tiger, because the week before this happened he turned in the last of his work to Ms. Shirley Tune and I know that he will be there in our gym spirit wise, in my tradition I believe that we celebrate the lives of those who have left and when those diplomas get passed out Jason will be there in spirit.  Thank you.
Jason with the love of his life Tyff. This  picture was the last pic ever taken of Jason This was the day before he died...
Jason and Kyle