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Jason was born March 23, 1982 in Panorama City, CA.. I remember rushing his mom to the hospital to find out that Jason was a breech birth. It didn't take long till Doreen had the urge to push. Well that was not a good thing because Jason would have come out feet first. So,off to surgery we went. 

Now, at the time I was in medical school and I was also allowed to be in the room where the surgery was taking place. I was to stay behind the little curtain separating Doreen's head and stomach. Well, I just stood up and watched them cut her open and watched them pull Jason out . Well, how do you like that. Our baby was a boy! He had all his toes and fingers.  So that was a good sign.  I remember running out of the room to the family room where all my friends and family were patiently waiting.  I remember saying, "It's a Jason! It's a Jason!"

Jason had arrived into this God forsaken world. Never for a minute, would we have thought this could ever happen to him after 18 short years.

People were coming over to the house for about 2 weeks or so. It was nice, and I didn't mind, because I was just so proud to be a daddy. I remember Jason was about 6 months old and the kid was huge.  Right then I thought that we had football player. I remember from the time Jason started to talk that we talked about him playing football when he got older.

We did everything together! I remember taking him to work with me, How he loved that.  Jason wasn't a kid that could EVER stay put . He wanted to be on the go all the time. And bed time? Forget about it! He was always so afraid he would miss something

When Jason was 3 years old, his mother and I decided it was not working out with us. So she walked out on both of us. So, it now was up to me to be a mother and a father.It was difficult at first but it became a way of life for us and it was very easy and I was very fortunate to be able to raise my child myself.  Now don't get me wrong. I was lonely for companionship and Jason sure did crave a mother figure. However, we dealt with it until I met my current wife, and now Jason had his dream fulfilled . He now had a mother and sister and we all became one.