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My baby cousin Jason was the cutest kid around. With his rosey red chubby cheeks &  big blue eyes he was just like a teddy bear.  When we were all growing up it was more like a brother and a sister thing.  We looked out for each other.  I kept them all in line seeing that I was the oldest.

I remember when Jason and Kristi came to my house in California.   We had a trip to Disneyland and of course like kids we got ourselves into a little trouble.  When I look back on it know it was one the happiest moments I spent with Jason to this day. I know that Jason is in Heaven, but how he got there I still can't believe it.  His precious life was taken along with his best friend Jesse at the hands of a killer.  A killer is what took my baby cousin away from all his loved ones.  I look at his picture everyday Jason, wishing I could bring you back. This has taken a huge toll on our family and friends.  Jason was a great kid and a great cousin and friend to everyone.   Jason had so much going for him in life just days away from high school graduation that he worked for so hard to get.  But he never got a chance to see.  A new job lined up for him and a beautiful girlfriend.  The hardest thing was going to his graduation and knowing his name was going to be called, but he wasn't there to be able to walk up and receive his diploma.

Then we buried him on June 5th, one day before my Aunt's and my birthday.   I always thought the older ones go first.  I would much rather it be myself than him.  Jason I know you watch over us everyday and I feel your presence from time to time.  Just know that I love you very much and miss you more than words can describe.  May you rest in peace my sweet baby cousin.  I will see you when I get there.   Til then I'll hold on and be strong.  I can't promise you that it will be easy, but I can promise you that we will be together again as one family.  I love you Jason with all my heart.
                  Cousin Manda
Our movie star
Ronnie, Adam, Amanda and Jason
Day at the studio
Just another day at the beach
Let's go to Disneyland
Cousins having pajama party at Gram's
Jason and Adam x-mas day
Jason and Amanda at Grandmas
Jason's 5th birthday party
Amanda, Jason, Adam and Uncle Sonny
Jason, Dad and Ronnie 
  Adam and Amanda
Cousin Kyle at the beach
              Grandma and Jason
                Our little slugger
Ronnie and Jason, cooling off.
Another birthday party.
Amanda, Adam and Ronnie
Aunt Linda and Amanda
Jason and baby Kyle
Jason,  Adam and Ronnie
Aunt Maudeen and baby Jason
Jason and Ronnie
Jason and Ronnie
Jason and Kyle
John and Kyle