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John's Impact Statement
Thank you your honor for giving my family and me this opportunity to give our thoughts and ideas.  For the last year, not a day has gone by where I have not mourned the loss of my little brother Jason.  On the night of May 30, 2000 I got a call from my Dad that I will never forget.  Jason and Jesse had been murdered.

Murdered what is that!  Some other human being felt he had the right to rip the hearts out of these two families chest.  I do not think that human should have the opportunity to ever be able to do something like this again.  Dennis Cramm should be stuck behind prison walls for the rest of his life.  I ask you, your honor to take these things in consideration.

What gives him the right to do this?  Nothing.  And I am confident that your decision will be a good one.

For the last year I have seen nothing but tears from my family.  All because Dale Cramm thought it would be cool to set guns in the hands of children.  What kind of father would do that?   But still Dennis had the choice and he chose to fire a military style weapon into the car of 5 innocent and unarmed children.

I will never get to be Jason's kids uncle, I will never get to see him work by my side like I had planned.  But what I did get was to see my father fall to his knees and scream in pain the first time he saw my brother after his death.  That has scarred me for life.  No person should ever have to go through what my family and the Stoner's family have had to endure this last year.

It is my belief that all participants in this brutal act of stupidity should be sentenced to the fullest extent, but to the actual killer, he should never have the rights of decent human beings.  Somebody that could cold heartedly take two great lives from this world does not deserve to walk the streets.

The only thing I can say now is my baby brother died a hero.  And I take a lot of pride in that.  But I would give my heart and soul to give that kid one hug, but as reality will tell you, that will never happen.

So again your honor I ask you to give Dennis Cramm the fullest sentencing possible.  Thank you.