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Jason was always involved in sports.  When he was about five years old he played tee ball and that first year I had the pleasure of being able to coach his team.  He went on to play baseball up to and through the 5th grade.  But his favorite sport of all was football.   When suiting up for football Jason's always sported the number 72.  From when he first started playing football and through his whole football career, he was number 72.  He was so proud of that number the coach and all the other players knew that 72 went to Jason year after year.  His first year of playing, I think he was in the 4th grade playing Pop Warner football, however they would not let him play because he was to big and they thought he would really hurt the other kids.  Jason was really upset that he could not play, but we explained that the coach didn't want any kids to get hurt. Jason couldn't understand it.  It's football, Dad I'm supposed to hurt them, I'm a football player.

In 5th grade Jason started playing football.  He had a blast it was just flag football, but he learned the basics of the game and the next year in 6th grade he played tackle in middle school.  From then on his passion was football.  We were so proud of him.  He kept his grades up to be sure he was able to play. 

During the same time, 6th 7th and 8th grades,  he was playing basketball with the Mukilteo Boys and Girls club.  This is when Jason and Jesse really, became close because they played on the same team.  We really enjoyed going to all their games, it was just a great bunch of kids.  I remember one night during a game, it was towards the end of a period, Jason was at the further end of the court from his team's basket and the buzzer was about to go.  Jason's sister yelled out to him throw it and Jason did.  He threw it from one end of the court to the other.  He didn't make a basket, but he connected with the back board and it shook pretty good.

Once Jason got into high school he just shot up in size.  His freshman year he grew about five inches and just became this huge young man. During his Freshman year he played both basketball and football.  He now was towering above me and Jason thought that was just about the greatest thing since sliced bread.  He thought he was the man now.  However, my son always showed great respect for myself and others.  Also during his Freshman year Jason turned out for track.  He threw the disk and shot put.

In his Sophmore year Jason played football and in the spring again turned out for track.  This year he earned a letter in track for shot put.  We were so very proud of him.  We then of course got him his lettermen's jacket.   

His Junior year Jason played football and this year his high school team made it to the state play off games.